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API Documentation: Link Does NOT Resolve...

Hi All,

This is my first post, so be gentle. Although I presume it is always welcomed to share a glitch in the Documentation...

When I was reading along on in the documentation... quite good BTW, thanks to those that write and maintain!... anyway

When I was reading along on:

There is a Header 'Field Attributes'. Nearly immediately below that is the text "See Field Types" where the string 'Field Types' is linked to which resolves to a big honking 404!

Similar linked text for 'Field Logic' and 'Field Calculations' resolve successfully to and respectively.

On a hunch, I tried and it resolved as expected and I presume this is what I need to know, so that is good...

Similarly, on a hunch, I discovered that the 'Field Types' link for POST was also inaccurate in the exact same way.

I trust someone on this discussion board knows how to more directly and efficiently alert the 'owner' of these docs.