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File Attachments and Zapier


I unfortunately have had a really rough time with Formstack admin being able to answer my questions, so I'm hoping someone here has the answers.

I have a form, with three attachment slots, to streamline receipts for real estate projects. I have my files going into a designated folder in google drive, but as we have multiple projects, I was previously using Wufoo and Zapier to bring attachments into the folders they needed to go on for each different project, reading the drop down menu from my form.

Unfortunately, Zapier cannot read the attachments as the PDF, PNG, or JPGs that are shown in google drive, as well as it cannot locate them since Formstack has a wonky way of default names on the attachments.

For example:

Zapier can look for a file based on a field submitted in the form such as the address, which would look like 123 Main St, Maintown, GA 30310

But Formstack uploads the file with 123MainStMaintownGA30310, and therefore it it showing an error.

This is causing SO many issues for us and how we had everything streamlined. We only switched to Formstack for the user interface customization that Wufoo cannot offer, but I am very much considering switching back if there isn't a solution for this. I have a hard time believing no other customers have needed something similar.

I've never had these issues with any other form solution. Wufoo was extremely easy to navigate with this and we never had any issues.