Is there any API to get notified on form submission

Is there Any API Available to post the submissions to a third party service, instead of pull the submissions from the API.

Submissions from Formstack Go on Samsung tablet don't always sync/show up in submission list.

Submissions from Formstack Go on Samsung tablet don't always sync/show up in submission list. I've tried from multiple tablets, airplane mode, LTE, and/or wifi only. Every time I test it, it works, but when I send workers out to job sites we have inconsistent submission success. Please help!

I want to show a watermark on my formstack document based on a certain condition

I know how to add a watermark to my formstack word doc template. But it will always be visible. I want to show a watermark "Draft" on that document if a certain condition exists. Does anybody know how to do this? I searched the formstack docs but nothing.

My Blog is getting slow why?

My blog is geeting slow day by day please tell me somebody why this happen ? If want to visit for checking I share my blog URL here plese let me know if you got something.... <>

Cors issue

Hi, I am using axios on my project and copy the example in the api but I am getting preflight issue but when I use php I didn’t?

Use API to find Saved Fields

Can the API be used to determine if a field on a form came from a saved field? Is there any property that can be retrieved that denotes this?

HTTP GET request returns all submissions even when search field id and value is provided

curl --request GET --url '[](' --header 'X-FS-ENCRYPTION-PASSWORD: xxxxxxxx' --header 'accept: application/json' --header 'authorization: Bearer xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx' I am using search field ID and search field value in the API call but it returns all the submissions. The way i am using it is as below example where search field id is the JSON field id of the form textbox search_field_x= 111111111 [email protected]

Acces Token and Refresh Token

Hello we have an issue with refreshing the expired access_token. We used /token for generating access_token, along we received refresh_token. But when access_token expires and we try to generate it again using refresh token, it does not work as it says that it is already expired. It is not really clear what is the life time of the access_token and refresh_token as the expires_in field doesn't seem to be accurate. We see that expires_in field has the value of 3600 - presuming seconds it is 1h, but it is valid more then that. After that we need to use /authorize again and we need to provide another valid code, basically to have UI interaction again. Basically we can't use the flow as service to service authentication without human interaction. We are not sure if it is a bug in formstack token generation or we are misusing it. Can you please provide more information on the nature of the tokens(expiration time, encryption algo ) and what tool we can use similar to <> to test it out? Thank you in advance.

Order Form table

I'm building an online order form for our business and need to have a page with a table allowing customers to enter: Qty, Length, reference number, marking details I am struggling to come up with a solution using the current Formstack fields as I need a detailing sheet with these fields allowing approximately 20 line items. Id rather not have a separate page for each product and an Add New button but if that's the only solution I will have to accept it. Is it possible to set up a table where you have four columns where you need to manually enter information but with 10+ rows? The fields referenced above need to be entered numerically by the customer. Kind regards,

Download submissions PDF via API

Is it possible to download the submission file through the API?