Change display name on community

Hi! I noticed that when I post on this community forum. My email address is shown as my display name. For obvious security reasons I'd like for it to not display my email address. How can I change my display name on this site?

Tracking integrations to prevent Google Account Token Limitation errors

Hi, One of the reasons why we chose formstack over its alternatives is its broad set of integrations available. We use integrations quite often and we manage 100+ forms at the moment. We have very frequently been running into integration errors due to the Google Account Token limitations. While we are aware of the workarounds, we'd at least like to know what google accounts are being used for each integration, this information is not currently available on the settings interface and there is no API read/write access to integration settings data; It's all a guessing game at the moment. As a stopgap solution, would it be possible to at least display what Google account is doing what integration? Ideally, there'd be API read/write access to integration settings data to retrieve this information. Another issue here is that it would not make sense to programmatically copy a form template with an integration multiple times as you'd very quickly run into the Google Account Token Limitation error.

When will we get GET and POST API access to integrations

Hi, I was wondering if there was a roadmap for further API development. It would be nice to know if there are plans to allow GET/POST API access to an "integration" resource so that we can read/write integration settings data.

Displaying my file upload (pictures) from Typeform as picture instead of link

As the headline says, this is what I am stuck with. Let me break it down; - I have uploaded a word-document to Formstack Documents and linked all my merge fields with Typeform fields through Zapier. - The delivery is a PDF, which is sent through mail. - Images from Typeform are shown as links that you can click and download - but I would like them to show the actual picture in the PDF rather than a link. What I've tried to put in the Word document: <img src="{$TheLookpic1name}"alt="whatever"width="240"height="240"> It still shows as a link, and the HTML-code is shown as well. Does anyone have a work around? Thank you in advance!

File Attachments and Zapier

Hello, I unfortunately have had a really rough time with Formstack admin being able to answer my questions, so I'm hoping someone here has the answers. I have a form, with three attachment slots, to streamline receipts for real estate projects. I have my files going into a designated folder in google drive, but as we have multiple projects, I was previously using Wufoo and Zapier to bring attachments into the folders they needed to go on for each different project, reading the drop down menu from my form. Unfortunately, Zapier cannot read the attachments as the PDF, PNG, or JPGs that are shown in google drive, as well as it cannot locate them since Formstack has a wonky way of default names on the attachments. For example: Zapier can look for a file based on a field submitted in the form such as the address, which would look like 123 Main St, Maintown, GA 30310 But Formstack uploads the file with 123MainStMaintownGA30310, and therefore it it showing an error. This is causing SO many issues for us and how we had everything streamlined. We only switched to Formstack for the user interface customization that Wufoo cannot offer, but I am very much considering switching back if there isn't a solution for this. I have a hard time believing no other customers have needed something similar. I've never had these issues with any other form solution. Wufoo was extremely easy to navigate with this and we never had any issues.

API Documentation: Link Does NOT Resolve...

Hi All, This is my first post, so be gentle. Although I presume it is always welcomed to share a glitch in the Documentation... When I was reading along on in the documentation... quite good BTW, thanks to those that write and maintain!... anyway When I was reading along on: There is a Header 'Field Attributes'. Nearly immediately below that is the text "See Field Types" where the string 'Field Types' is linked to `` which resolves to a big honking 404! Similar linked text for 'Field Logic' and 'Field Calculations' resolve successfully to `` and `` respectively. On a hunch, I tried `` and it resolved as expected and I presume this is what I need to know, so that is good... Similarly, on a hunch, I discovered that the 'Field Types' link for POST was also inaccurate in the exact same way. I trust someone on this discussion board knows how to more directly and efficiently alert the 'owner' of these docs. Regards, Brad

/form/:id Created By Field

Hi All, I am after the user the form was created by. I can not seem to see it in the endpoint. Can someone advise if this is exposed anywhere?

Passing salesforce object record data into formstack template

Hi team, how to achieve following scenario. In record detail page, on click of custom button , we are showing formstack template form. But we want record data also in template form. Is there any way to do it?

Create signature field using api

Hello, Looking at the field types reference and am able to create all the field types via the API, apart from the signature field. How do I go about it please? Regards, Sam

API calls - Forms with Integrations

Hi, I want use the REST API to return forms with a value of a certain integration (plugin) enabled. I basically want to see via API if a form has Salesforce integration enabled or not. Thanks