Automate Export Submission in PDF

We would like to get a copy of the submission data in PDF format. Currently, we can go into FormStack Admin and go to the specific submission and then export it to PDF. We would like to automate this. We do not see an API to do this. Has anyone done this via one of the APIs? Or a work-around?

Create docu,emts for Sign via API concatent several documents with templates

I am trying to create one document per signature from multiple documents. However, I get an unexpected result. I am passing two files and two templates IDs to the Create Document hotspot templates[0].id ="example1" templates[1].id = "example2" However, I get an unexpected result. Instead of overlaying templates on each separate document, both templates are overlaid on one first document. The second document remains without an overlaid template at all. How do I need to make a request that both the first document was overlaid with a template and the second document was overlaid with its own template?

Mirroring an input that shares its data-fs-field-id

So just going off of the little bit of documentation there is, you get the field based on the data-fs-field-id to then set the value of it. The issue is when two inputs -- say First Name and Last Name -- are within the same group and so despite having unique ids they share the same data-fs-field-id. Is there any documentation about this scenario?

Developer account

Is there a developer account I can use to setup an integration?

Formstack Developer Needed

I'm looking for a very knowledgeable and proficient Formstack developer to make some changes to my existing Formstack forms. How do I go about finding a professional?

How to submit multi-checkbox response to /:id/submission?

I'm stuck on a form submission issue from my Laravel app to Formstack. All my other fields are making it into my submission, but my multi-checkbox fields do not. I'm trying to return it as an array of the selected options, so Red [ ] Blue[X] Green[X] Yellow[ ] Returns "field_id": ['Blue', 'Green'] Am I supposed to submit this back in a different shape? Thanks in advance.

Partial Submissions not working with V4 forms

I just upgraded to Forms to V4 and I'm not seeing new Partial Submissions. I tested myself in 4 browsers. I didn't see this mentioned anywhere in the documentation about upgrading. I only saw mention of taking care to test custom CSS and JavaScript.

Prepopulate multiple checkbox fields from one form into another

I need to pull multiple checkbox data from a form into another form. I have read the pre-population guide on the Formstack information/help site, but I cannot get the code to work. Can someone help with that? Example: Form A multiple choice question: What is your favorite color? Answer options: Red Blue Yellow Green Form B needs to pull in which color was chosen. What is the code to do that?

Form with File Upload and Webhook - No Filename, extension or content type

I have a form with some text fields and a file upload field. The form has a webhook that sends the submitted information to a url in json format. Currently the configuration is set to send file content (base64) but how do I get the file name of the uploaded file? - I allow for multiple file types (extensions) hence I require that to convert the base64 string back to a file. I have noticed that, if I configure the form to not store the submission, I do not get the file content (makes sense) but I get the file name.

Japanese character cannot be entered correctly after migrating to new theme

Hi, is there anybody having a same issue. The input becomes absurd.... <br> 新しいバージョンのテーマに移行したら日本語入力がうまくいかなくなりました。入力したものが、おかしな状態です。勝手に確定されたり、文字が入力されたりします。