Change form folder through API

How do we change the form folder from one to other using API.

How to handle/catch server side errors returned from Formstack

When trying to submit a value for a unique field where the value has already been submitted, how do we handle or catch the 400/500 errors returned from the server so we can show a custom and more user friendly error message to the user?

Resizing the event images

Does anyone know how to make the images for the event/product larger? Thanks for your help!

Is there a way to make the form language dynamic?

have a website that is multi-lingual and wondering if I could use the same formstack form on all languages of the website, but can't seem to find any information on getting the form itself to be able to switch language either by URL param or something else. i am NOT looking at the "language" switcher for the labels. I know that exists. I am looking more towards something that I can add to the js embed or a way for the form to auto change language based on maybe the site language

How can i connect Formstack with sugarcrm

Hi Team, Is there a way to connect formstack to connect with sugarcrm. For example : 1) On Formstack page load : - fetch data on form load from sugarcrm to pre fill values in dropdown. 2) On Formstack form submit : - Submit form to sugarcrm custom api. Sugarcrm use rest api where first api need to generate Token and than pass that token into api. Thanks Zeeshan shaikh

How can i find client_id?

The application's client id

Calculating working weeks between two dates

Hello. I have a start date and end date on my form. How can I calculate the number of weeks between two dates - but it must only be based on a 5 day week. So 11th April to 28th April should equal a value of 2.8 (weeks). I have zero knowledge of Java so I’m hoping I can copy and paste a solution? Thanks in advance !

Field label placement?

All my field labels are suddenly on the left of my form fields. Does anyone know how to get them to stack?

Editing an existing submission

Once a submission is collected from an end user, can they later re-open it and edit it? Might this be possible with the API?

Is there an integration developer account type?

I'm building an automation tool similar to Zapier and formstack is but one of hundreds of integrations I need to build. Is there a "test" account or something like that where I can build integrations that other formstack users can use?