When we try to query a email id with a plus symbol inside it formstack doesnot return anything ?

We tried to query submission/form/formid for getting the email from a particular submission , but emails having plus symbol in it for example [email protected] doesnot return anything , but lets say if the mail id is [email protected] the query returns.

Where can I access the OpenAPI spec json for the Formstack v2 api?

Looking to download the spec for the API.

Saved Form

Is there a way to capture the URL to return back to a form via API or WebHook so that we can update our CRM once a form has been saved as a reference point to resume?

Link to Power Automate - Radio Button fields named as 'item.

Anyone know how to get the form field name in Power Automate when you have a radio button?

Webhook and API

Is it inlcuded in Starter plan?

File Attachments and Zapier

I'm hoping someone here knows the answers because I've had a pretty hard time getting Formstack admin to respond to my questions. I have a form that streamlines receipts for real estate projects and has three attachment spots. We have several projects going on, so even though I have my files going into a specific folder in Google Drive, I used Wufoo and Zapier in the past to move attachments into the folders they needed to go on for each individual project by reading the drop-down option from my form. Unfortunately, Zapier is unable to discover the attachments since Formstack gives the attachments weird default names and cannot read the PDF, PNG, or JPG files that are displayed in Google Drive. For instance: Zapier may search for a file using a field from a form, like the address, which would be 123 Main St, Maintown, GA 30310. Formstack, however, uploads the file using 123MainStMaintownGA30310, resulting in an error. We have SO MANY problems now because of how organised we thought everything was. We just migrated to Formstack because Wufoo cannot customise the user interface, however if there is no fix for this, I am really considering going back. I find it difficult to believe that no other clients have required a similar service. With any other sort of remedy, I've never experienced these problems. With this, Wufoo was quite simple to use, and we never encountered any problems.

How to pre-associate data to a submission

Thanks in advance - I am embedding a form into an existing application and need a way to associate our internal user id to a submission/presubmission so that I can pull the submission data out via the api and associate it back to the user in our system. After reviewing the documentation, it looks like I would need to create a pre-submission + add a hidden field to the form that contains the users id. Is this the best way to accomplish my desired outcome? Thanks!

I am not able to create a submission using the https://www.formstack.com/api/v2/form/{id}/submission.json api

Request is field_x: "field_136217866=testing" read: false Response is { "id": "1049882881", "timestamp": "2022-12-22 12:56:53", "user_agent": "Amazon CloudFront", "remote_addr": "", "payment_status": "", "form": "5095980", "latitude": null, "longitude": null, "data": [] }

Node.js formPost API Returns Error

When I try to follow the Node.js example in the documentation, I get this error: "`formPost` does not appear to be a valid operation on this API." When I try to install the API from OpenAPI, I get this error: "Sorry, this OpenAPI definition does not have any operation paths to generate an SDK for." I'd appreciate any help with this.

Displaying my file upload (pictures) from Typeform as picture instead of link

As the headline says, this is what I am stuck with. Let me break it down; - I have uploaded a word-document to Formstack Documents and linked all my merge fields with Typeform fields through Zapier. - The delivery is a PDF, which is sent through mail. - Images from Typeform are shown as links that you can click and download - but I would like them to show the actual picture in the PDF rather than a link. What I've tried to put in the Word document: <img src="{$TheLookpic1name}"alt="whatever"width="240"height="240"> It still shows as a link, and the HTML-code is shown as well. Does anyone have a work around? Thank you in advance!