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API requests to retrieve form submissions are NOT working

We have several forms for which we call the API to retrieve form submissions that have been running OK for about 2 years. On 7/11/23, one of the forms (which contains sensitive data and is encrypted and for which we send an encryption password with the GET request) stopped working as far as retrieving form submissions. The GET request returns either of the following two messages : {"status":"error","error":"Unauthorized"} -or- {"status":"error","error":"An encryption password was not supplied"}

this is what our get request looks like (calling from Powershell):

.\curl.exe -sS --request GET -H "X-FS-ENCRYPTION-PASSWORD:xxxxxxxx" --url " 17:16:02&data=true&expand_data=true&per_page=100" --header "Authorization: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

this request currently returns: {"status":"error","error":"An encryption password was not supplied"}

Also, when I test using this form:, I get the same error result.

However, note that if I remove the 'data=true' and 'expand_data=true' URL Query params, the GET request actually does work and returns no error message. However, we need these params, as otherwise we won't get the complete data for each record.

Also for a period of about 3 hrs yesterday late afternoon(7/20), GET requests for submissions against all of our other forms (which are not data encrypted) also stopped working in the same manner, but at this point, seems to be working again.