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Power Automate Formstack Connector

When using the "When a form is submitted trigger" I am pulling attachments from the form submission table to feed into my SharePoint site. However the "FILE TYPE" is not a data point within the Power Automate data points. E.g., you use "When a form is submitted" to kick off the flow and identify the data source to pull from. I then do a parse JSON because the return payload is base64, so I use a Parse JSON action to show me the schema of the base64 output from Formstack, I can then totally id my different attributes of the form from the submission table. But for attachments, there is no way to get the file type. When you use a create file action for SharePoint I have to hard code the file type because it isn't given in the output from Formstack.

How do I get to pull an attachment from Formstack Submission table, using the Formstack Power Automate premium action?