Field Calculations

Our number fields support providing a default value using a calculation. All field endpoints that accept or return data use the calculation property. The data passed in the calculation property must follow the below format.

Supported Symbols

Our calculations support a limited number of symbols along with numbers. All symbols in our calculations should contain white spaces before and after the symbol with the exception of the field brackets which should not contain spaces between the brackets and the field ID.

+, -, /, *( [FieldID] + 3 ) - ( [FieldID] / [FieldID] ) * 5.3
(, )( [FieldID] * 10 ) / [FieldID]
[FieldID][12345] + [12346]

While we do our best to normalize whitespace in the string you send us to convert it into the format above, it's best to follow the format to avoid an incorrect calculation value being stored based on that normalization.