Invalid or not yet supported constraint

Searching submissions by date seems to have stopped working a week or so ago. <> This call works when searching on any other field time. It errors on dates.

Automatic sending of pre-determined information in confirmation email?

I work for a non-profit. We are planning a fundraiser where we will purchase gift cards at discounted prices, and we will sell them to donors who get a unique gift card code for their donation/purchase. We are planning to operate these sales through Formstack with stripe integration. If we had all of the coupon codes in an excel sheet, is there an integration that would automatically pull the next row and send the donor their unique coupon code?

Populating Data Into a Form

Hi, we have been successful in populating data to fields on our form by feeding data through the form url. Is anyone aware of an alternate method of populating data to an online form? We are looking for a different method: (1) because of the large amount of data we hope to populate and (2) to better shield sensitive information.

Is there an API available to modify or update the submission message?

Hello, I have multiple forms and would like to automatically redirect users to a specific URL after they submit the form, and include the submitted data in the URL. Doing this manually for each form is time-consuming, so I'm wondering if there is an API available to modify or update the submission message. I have searched through the documentation, but have not found any suggestions on how to do this. Thanks

/form/:id/submission not returning all submissions of a form

Hi, I'm trying to get all submissions for a Form by using `GET /api/v2/form/{id}/submission.json` but each time when I'm requesting a page of 50, I'm receiving a random number of submission (like 41), so at the end, instead of having 100k submissions (page per page), I have only 7576 submissions... Do I miss something? I don't have this issue with partial submission, I have correctly the same number of submissions in the interface and in the API. Thank you for your help

How to add number of working days to a date field?

In my form I have two date fields. Date field 1 ('Date current') represents the current date. I want to add 20 working days (also excluding public holidays according to Western Australian Calendar) to the date field 2 ('Date new'). Can anyone suggest a fix? Without coding I can only add 20 calendar days as below, but it's not the fix I am after. ![](

Embeded Code Issue

Hello, For one of our forms I needed a fillable matrix for staff to provide a number of different pieces of information. In this case it was for safety inspections. Once I realized there isn't really a tool for a table like that in formstack, I endeavored to relearn some HTML basics to make a fillable table. Which has worked out rather well and looks pretty good. However I was very disappointed to learn once I tested the form that none of my custom table is supported after submission. Why is it that we can see what our custom HTML/CSS creates on the forms, fill the table out and interact with it but there is no practical functionality to it? When I submitted the form it was as if that whole table did not exist, nor did any of the information I typed into it. Just looking for some clarification for the purpose of the embed code function?

Is there any API to get notified on form submission

Is there Any API Available to post the submissions to a third party service, instead of pull the submissions from the API.

Submissions from Formstack Go on Samsung tablet don't always sync/show up in submission list.

Submissions from Formstack Go on Samsung tablet don't always sync/show up in submission list. I've tried from multiple tablets, airplane mode, LTE, and/or wifi only. Every time I test it, it works, but when I send workers out to job sites we have inconsistent submission success. Please help!

I want to show a watermark on my formstack document based on a certain condition

I know how to add a watermark to my formstack word doc template. But it will always be visible. I want to show a watermark "Draft" on that document if a certain condition exists. Does anybody know how to do this? I searched the formstack docs but nothing.